High Quality Plants

We provide a plant rental service, event décor, live centerpieces and plant cluster creations using high quality flora, popular plant selections and rare finds.

Complementary Services

A suite of products services are on offer which marry well and makes KOSKAI a one-stop-shop for your event planning, facility management and landscaping needs.

Top-end Electronics

Our rental services also include modern event must-haves such as public announcement systems, screens, projectors, microphones, speakers and lighting.


That's the KOSKAI Promise

Our brand encompasses multiple service oriented products to include: Plant Rental, Event Planning, Tents, Chairs and Table Rentals, Fountain rentals, Live Centerpieces, Décor for all events, Sound System and lighting, Projector, maintenance and landscaping inclusive of mosaic art. We pride ourselves on every service that we offer while we facilitate our employees’ development towards self.

"The KOSKAI Group understands the power and potential of having and cultivating green spaces, as well as the systems they assist in facilitating..."

- Tricia Montique-Osouna, Founder & CEO

Edinburgh 500, South, Chaguanas

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