Who We Are

The KOSKAI Group understands the power and potential of having and cultivating green spaces, as well as the systems they assist in facilitating, and their overall importance to the development of a modern and progressive society.

The history of our society and by extension the Nation of Trinidad and Tobago has been one of struggle which has since led to our twin island Republic being dubbed as one of the richest in the Caribbean.

This factor is significant to the development of this company because we see a correlation between wealth and the upkeep of open spaces and its connection to well-manicured spaces and the emotional wellness of our nation’s citizens. Each being a major factor in keeping the holistic balance for our nation’s development.

Our Brand

The KOSKAI Group currently supports two (2) companies under its umbrella. They are;

  • KOSKAI Plant Rental & Event Planning Co. Ltd. and
  • New Dawn Maintenance Co. Ltd.

Our brand encompasses multiple service-oriented products to include: plant rental, event planning, tents, chairs and table rentals, fountain rentals, live centerpieces, décor for all events, sound system and lighting, projector, maintenance and landscaping inclusive of mosaic art. We pride ourselves on every service that we offer while we facilitate our employees’ development towards self.